Hellfrost: Savage Winter

The Story So Far

Idol of the Rat King

Aslov has not been a peaceful city for some time.

Overcrowded with refugees and the poor, it is a den of disease, starvation, and desperation. The wealthy hide away in the upper city, away from the packed lower city, and the tent city outside the Hellfrost Gate, but even they cannot escape the stench. Rats choke the streets of the slums near the Brown River, the sewers are full of them, that the Vermin King, Lord of Pestilence and Greed, has found a foothold here is no wonder. They prefer, however, to work in the shadows, not out of sight, but mostly out of mind.

Last night, as riots raged in the streets of the lower city, a struggle of a different sort went on at the Temple of the Fields in the upper city. It was assaulted by scores of vermin, swarms of gutters rats, huge rats the size of large dogs and small ponies, and even rats that walked like men. The temple Reapers, as well as a number of citizens of the city, managed to fend off the diseased tide, and even avoided casualties themselves, albeit barely.

The cause of the attack could have been attributed to a number of things. Eostre, Animal Mother is a polar opposite to Vali, Bringer of Famine, which alone is reason enough to target them. An investigation into the disappearance of one of the high priests, one of the few holders of a scroll of Feast, had taken a group of adventurer’s into the sewers of the city and the trouble they stirred up could just as easily awoken them to more overt action.

The Truth, however, was discovered at the hands of an informant, Ferrel, whose leash was the life of his wife. When presented with the death of his beloved, he gave up all he knew, and was led to a safe place when the rats came to kill him. According to the beggar, the cult had been stirred to action by the presence of a powerful item, one holy to Vali. An idol brought to the city by the very adventurers who had been hunting them, one taken from the slain hands of one of their priests, one that was crucial to the summoning of something only known as “The Plague Lord”.

With the attack over, the idol safe for the time being, it now presents something of a problem to the Temple of the Fields, as well as Aslov itself. The defeat may have weakened the cult, or it may have barely put a dent in their plans, either way, it is clear that the idol presents a problem, one that needs to be resolved with haste.


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