Hellfrost: Savage Winter

New Additions!

Or: Of orcs, exposition, and handwaving!

When last we left our intrepid heroes…

The party had been ambushed by orcs! Only one member was caught unawares as the rest quickly responded. Unfortunately, despite a stalwart counter offensive, the young apprentice, Rudy, and the Elven Lorekeeper, Illunari, were struck by the filthy orc arrows and dropped where they stood. The rest of the group fought on, and were joined by a pair of travelers who had apparently been hunting that very band of orcs. Together, they dispatched the would-be robbers with relative ease. After looting the bodies they followed their tracks back to their camp and looted it before making use of the already made site for themselves, dining on the horse meat that had been the orcs’ dinner. The night was uneventfully.

The following day, the party arrived at The Citadel, a massive fortress, unlike any others in Rassilon, and got rid of the idol of Vali, the object that had caused them so much trouble, and hopefully for good. With renewed energy, the group made their way to Hellfrost Keep, the addition of the Elven Wood Warden’s survival skills, as well as those of other members of the party, kept their journey uneventful. Much to the dismay of the Paladin of Tiw, Reinn. They arrived, off loaded their gear, and decided to relax before they planned on meeting Ulfwald Deep-Pockets.


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