Hellfrost: Savage Winter

Last time, on Hellfrost SW!

Brave Sir Robin, he boldly...

The riots are over, for now, and the cult of Vali has been beaten back, for now. Or at least we hope. The fact of the matter is that somehow the people, who aren’t exactly in the most reasonable of moods, have learned that some of their problems have been tied to the cult of Vali. They’ve also learned that the cult of Vali launched an attack on one of the few temples trying to good by the people. They also learned the reason they launched an attack was on account of an idol that some filthy outsiders brought to their doorstep. Do you see where I’m going with this? If not, perhaps you should try another vocation, I hear farming is good for those oblivious to mob mentality, they just bring pitchforks when asked.

The point being, it’s getting a bit too hot in Aslov for our heroes, as the adventurers who brought the idol, and anyone associated with them, are currently the favorite focus of blame for a disgruntled populace. Thankfully, Reaper Branwen has spent enough time with the people and the politicians to do something neither have been able to do, figure out what both want and fear, so in comes a plan to kill a few flies with one blow. The adventurer’s will take the statue to The Citadel and hand it over to the Reliquary, an organization dedicated to keeping magic items out of the hands of anyone but themselves. Then they’ll take a trip to Hellfrost Keep, join up with a merchant caravan, keep it from being raided for about a month and then come home to a, hopefully, more peaceful Aslov.

Rudy’s Master is likely dead and gone, leaving the boy without a safe home unless he wishes to spend his days with farmer priests. Spider’s guild thinks his continued presence might be bad for business and the clergy, for once, actually have the right of things. Davhal doesn’t have much better to do. Bertram could likely slip away with ease, but where would the fun be in that? Illunari isn’t exactly feeling the overpopulated and exceptionally filthy city to be very home-like. And, of course, Reinn is kind of on his gods naughty list and needs an excuse to get out into the open where he might find a fight worth having. All in all, leaving is probably a good idea, if only for a time.

However, even the Hearthlands are not without their dangers, and barely into their second day of the journey they were ambushed by orcs, I mean, fluffy bunnies. Will they make it? Or will the dice, against all odds, see them die to a Dwarf? Who knows, surely the GM didn’t set that encounter there to toss some action into the game between plot lines. No one practices that sort of GMing these days…

Too bad no one packed a holy hand grenade.


DMofDoom DMofDoom

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