Hellfrost: Savage Winters

An endless winter is coming.

The history of Rassilon is bloody. From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym. So began the terrible Blizzard War and the downfall of the mighty empires of man.

Five hundred years later the races of the southern lands may have won the war, but they suffer its legacy still. For five centuries the winters have grown steadily longer and colder. Huge swathes of the land of Rassilon are permanently covered in ice and snow, and even the temperate lands are not spared the misery of failed harvests, deadly winters, and the dreaded Hellfrost wind.

But winter is not the only danger. A mere 30 years ago, magic, once the civilized races’ most potent weapon, suddenly began to fail. The Siphoning, an effect of unknown origin, has made magic an unpredictable ally.

Welcome to the world of Rassilon.

Welcome to the Hellfrost!

The Free City of Aslov.

A beacon in the Freelands, the last city before one reaches Hellfrost Keep and leaves the Hearthlands for the Winterlands, it has had a mixed history and is far from ‘pure’. These days, it is swarming with refugees fleeing the harsh winters of the north, living in their tent cities outside the walls, their is narry a free cot to sleep in within the outer city, and the inner city is carefully guarded to prevent the masses from mingling too much with the elite. This once thriving city is now a haven for rats and disease, but it manages to trudge onward, scraping by despite food shortages, murder and rot.

It is a city on the brink, and not there is something stirring, chittering, crawling in the darkness that threatens to push it over and into chaos.

A group of adventurers came to the city, bearing with them a dark artifact, and gave it to the Temple of the Fields, home to the priests of Eostre Plantmother, hoping they might dispose of it. Now the followers of Vali, the Plaguelord, the Corruptor, seek to retrieve it. The time is right, the town guards are busy containing a riot in the lower city, fires burn and those who can are trying to put them out. You have been summoned in haste, perhaps promised quick coin, perhaps owing a friend a favor, or simply because you’re the only able blade or spell slinger nearby who can lend their aid.

If the riots do not tear the city apart, then the acquisition of the Idol of the Rat King just might….

Hellfrost and its associated characters, deities, and place names are copyright Triple Ace Games ©2008-2011.

Hellfrost: Savage Winter

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